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The Chouette Nature label

L'Auberge Nordique, committed since 2014

Since 2014, Auberge Nordique, a proud member of the Chouette Nature network, has established itself as a visionary pioneer, inspiringly illustrating how a holiday village can take on a central role in preserving the environment.

Through thoughtful initiatives, it eloquently reaffirms that tourism can co-exist sustainably with nature. A stay at the Auberge Nordique thus becomes an active contribution to the promotion of a way of life in harmony with nature, in a setting that is still unspoilt.

Know more about ...
Know more about ...

What are the criteria for the Chouette Nature label?

The CAP FRANCE network has developed a label to identify the most environmentally responsible holiday villages: and the Auberge Nordique is one of them!

More than 100 criteria must be met to obtain this coveted label. Each of these criteria is divided into 10 themes.

1/ Waste management
2/ Energy management: reducing and saving energy, giving priority to renewable energies.
3/ Reducing water consumption.
4/ Ensuring acoustic comfort.
5/ Reducing CO2 emissions
6/ Integrating the holiday village building into the landscape.
7/ A local and ecological purchasing policy.
8/ Awareness-raising and introduction to local ecology through training courses.
9/ Staff trained in everyday ecological practices.
10/ Ethical communication

Did you know?

L'Auberge Nordique makes a commitment to biodiversity

Have you noticed our educational beehive!
The Auberge has installed a hive for our little pollinating insects to help preserve the natural environment.
It's well established that our friends the bees encourage plant biodiversity, which in turn feeds some of the wild animals that can be found in the Alps.

At the Auberge, we take our mission seriously, and will share our knowledge of this beehive with you during your stay.

A conscious restoration
A conscious restoration

Towards local, committed cuisine!

L'Auberge Nordique is innovating in its management of food waste by working with a local player to transform its compost into biogas, a renewable energy source that is then used to generate electricity. Alongside selective sorting, this innovative approach not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also actively contributes to preserving the environment by adopting sustainable energy practices.

In addition, committed to promoting local agriculture and supporting regional producers, Auberge Nordique works closely with local farmers. This privileged cooperation ensures that a significant proportion of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from local sources, thus reducing the emissions linked to the transport of food products. By promoting product quality, this initiative also supports the regional economy.

Auberge Nordique is also adding a new dimension to its food policy by offering a vegetarian menu at least once a week. This move is part of a strategy to reduce meat consumption, aimed at raising customers' awareness of the environmental footprint of meat consumption while offering a delicious gastronomic alternative that respects the planet. This significant addition reflects the inn's commitment to sustainable food.