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  • We are coming as a family and one of the family members does not want to do an activity.

    Yes, it is possible! Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

  • Is the choice of course made on the spot or in advance at the time of registration?

    For organisational reasons and to ensure the quality of your activities, we ask that you register in advance for the stay of your choice. A change on the spot (once) is always possible depending on the availability in the other groups. You will not be able to ask to change every day of the course.

  • Do I have to participate in all the activities during my stay?

    You are on holiday, the important thing is to enjoy and recharge your batteries. If you do not wish to participate in the day's activity, there is no obligation!
    Please note that non-participation in an activity does not give rise to a reduction or reimbursement, as the supervisors still provide the service.