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Gesture and painting !

Calligraphy and painting


Calligraphy course in the mountains: the art of painting to the rhythm of one's breathing and the mastery of the gesture, in order to retranscribe the essential in a very refined creation.

Painting in the studio in Le Grand-Bornand village and above all, in the open air, for real moments of relaxation.

Complete your course with half days of hiking.

Wellness & spa
Full board catering
Supervision of guides
Evening events
Equipment for the activity
From 16 years old

Morning: welcome and lunch at the Auberge Nordique.
Afternoon: discovery hike in the Bouchet Valley.
Evening: presentation of the stay followed by a welcome drink.

Monday: Writing session "Latin calligraphy: feathers" in a workshop from 9am to 12pm + hike in the mountain pastures in the afternoon.
2h30 to 3h hiking, average difference in altitude of + 200 to 450m

Tuesday: habitat session "oriental calligraphy: calamus" in a workshop from 9am to 12pm + afternoon hike in the forest.
2h30 to 3h hiking, average difference in altitude from + 200 to 450m / - 200 to 450m

Wednesday: free morning. Market in Grand Bornand village.
Afternoon and evening: sunset and barbecue at "Lac de la Cour" - 1440 m
2h hiking, altitude difference +200 / -200m

Thursday : landscape session "derived calligraphy : pencil, brushes" in the open air from 9am to 3pm.

Friday: animal session "derived calligraphy: pencils, brushes" in the open air from 9am to 12pm + panoramic hike in the afternoon.
2h30 to 3h hiking, average difference in altitude of +200 to 450m / -200 to 450m.

Saturday: free morning, end of the stay after lunch.

Important : The programme is given as an indication.
The Aravis region is full of trails, each one more beautiful than the next. To vary the pleasures, the guides are free to use their imagination and to propose other itineraries! Situations beyond our control may also lead us to modify the itineraries and activities of the day (weather, level of participants, group safety...).


L'Auberge Nordique has several minibuses at its disposal to get to the starting point of the hikes, but some trips can be made with the participants' cars.

Level of participants: our guides are the best judges of the level of participants. If a participant does not meet the specified level criteria, he or she may be offered a more suitable course! The Auberge Nordique cannot be held responsible for any lack of level observed during the stay.

In the mountains, temperature differences can be significant if the wind picks up or if there is a thunderstorm. It is better to bring warm and waterproof clothes even in summer.

The price includes :
o Full board accommodation from Sunday for lunch to Saturday after lunch. Coffee at lunchtime and wine at the table included.
o Supervision by instructors and guides in the chosen activities, from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening according to the programmes.
o Access to the wellness area and fitness area from 18 years old.
o Entertainment on certain evenings.
o Shuttle service "Village - Auberge Nordique" during the summer season.
o Bed linen and towels.

The price does not include :
o The membership card to the association of 6€ (compulsory).
o Tourist tax of 0,80€ per night and per adult over 18 years old (rate 2024).
o Drinks and extras.
o Transport from your place of residence

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Specific calligraphy course
In all cases : 
o 1 folding chair or 1 cushion to sit on
o 1 sun hat, or a parasol
o Water for painting and for drinking (1 litre)
o Hiking shoes and a practical bag (backpack) to carry your equipment.

You can use the equipment provided on site, for a fee of 20€ for the 5 sessions.

You can bring your own equipment 
o 1 pencil HB
o 1 eraser
o 1 bottle of Indian ink or the colour of your choice
o Nibs: 3 nib holders and an assortment of nibs for calligraphy: 4 nibs 1,5/2,5/3 and 4 mm (Mitchell...) and 4 nibs with square tips 4/6:10 and 15mm (Hiro Léonard...)
o Brushes: 1 soft spalter 3 to 5 cm, 2 brushes "petit-gris" wash of different sizes, 1 very soft goat hair brush
o Calamers: 2 calamers of different widths or a piece of fresh bamboo branch (green) and 1 large cutter
o 1 ruler 30 to 50 cm
o 1 small sheet of body paper 1000
o 1 box of watercolours of 12 or 18 colours (Winsor&Newton, Rowney, Schmincke...) 
o 1 roll of paper towels or rags
o 1 roll of tape
o 1 pencil sharpener
o Blank paper for drafting and a small notebook
o 1 rigid drawing board minimum 30*40cm
o 2 sheets of blotting paper
o 2 cups of water
o 2 drawing tongs

Calligraphy and watercolour paper is provided free of charge.

For the hikes :
o Cap or hat.
o Pair of gloves.
o Trousers, shorts, t-shirts.
o Hiking socks.
o Waterproof or windproof Goretex raincoat + fleece jacket or heavy jumper.
o Hiking shoes with treaded soles.
o Valid identity card or passport.
o Medium backpack (about 30 litres) for the day's belongings and picnic. Approximately 20 litres for half day's gear.
o Large plastic bag or 1 over-bag to protect your backpack.
o The Auberge Nordique does not put plastic bottles in the picnic baskets! Bring a water bottle or container for the hikes (1.5L minimum).
o Pocket knife, cup and reusable cutlery for picnics.
o A pair of very protective sunglasses (CE 3 or 4 index essential).
o Tube of sun cream and 1 lip stick, with a high sun protection factor.
o Camera and binoculars (optional).
o Pair of walking sticks (optional).

For the week :
o A change of clothes.
o Indoor shoes or a pair of slippers. 
o Swimsuit and extra towel to access the wellness area or to go to the village swimming pool (possibility to rent at L'Auberge Nordique). 

Pharmacy :
o Your usual medicines.
o Painkillers, preferably paracetamol.
o Adhesive or elastic bandages (Elastoplast type, 6cm wide).
o Sets of adhesive bandages and disinfectant pads.
o Double skin ("anti-blister" dressings)

From 885 € /pers (room of 2)
Price infos
from 28 July 2024 to 3 August 2024
885 € /pers (room of 2)
7 days, 6 nights