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In the heart of the Vanoise

Trek Tour of the Giants of Savoy


Located in the heart of the 1st French National Park, the Vanoise in Savoie, two summits dominate more than the others: the Mont Pourri at 3779 m and the Grande Casse at 3855 m, the highest point in Savoie!
The Mont Pourri has only the name Pourri, being one of the most beautiful peaks of Savoie ... and what about the Grande Casse? Majestic, carved like a pyramid on all its sides.

Come and spend a few days in this magnificent and preserved country, where men have decided to protect the torrents, the lakes, the rocks, the chamois, the marmots, the flowers and the larches, at the feet of these two giants of Savoie.

You will love: the landscapes, the flowers, the refuges. A superb mythical route in the mountains of the Vanoise National Park.

Full board catering
Trek supervision
Accommodation : Trek
From 18 years old

D1 - Champagny en Vanoise - Champagny le Haut (1470 m) - Friburge (1500 m) - Le Laisonnay (1570 m) - Refuge de Plaisance (2176 m)
We meet in Champagny le Haut at the end of the morning around 11:30 am, where we leave the cars. The hike begins by following the Doron de Champagny stream, which rises on the north face of the Grande Casse (3855m). Then the climb begins as well as the change of scenery. Marmots and ibexes, glaciers and summits. We are in the Vanoise of Samivel.

Walking time: 3 hours
Ascent: 700 m
Accommodation : in a refuge

D2 - Plan Sery pass (2609 m) - Entre le Lac refuge 2151 m - Plan de la Plagne (2090 m) - Mont Pourri refuge (2370 m)
A magnificent day surrounded by peaks over 3000m: the summit of Bellecôte 3417m, the Mont Pourri 3779m, the Dôme de la Sache 3588m, the Grande casse... Depending on the mood from the refuge, we will visit the former Regaud refuge, now an eco-museum (2450 m).
The Mont Pourri 3779 m, facing the Petit St Bernard pass and the Ruitor in Italy, was conquered by the Englishman Mathiews and his French guide Croz in 1860.

Walking time: 5 hours
Ascent: + 800 m / - 500m
Accommodation : in a refuge

D3 - Lac des moutons (2574 m) - Chalets de l'Arc (2150m) - Les Arcs - Le Droset (2336 m) - Sentier découverte (1900 m) - Refuge de la Turia (2388 m)
During this stage we will go around the summit of Mont Pourri from the North. The interest lies in the panorama facing us, on the other side of the deep Tarentaise valley: Beaufortin, Col du Petit Saint-Bernard, La Rosière, Mont-Blanc on the Italian side, Rutor, Archeboc ....
In the afternoon we cross the Haut de Villaroger nature reserve.

Walking time: 7 hours
Ascent: + 850 m / - 850m
Accommodation: in a refuge

D4 - Hamlet of Cousset (2100 m) - La Gurraz (1585 m) - Refuge de la Martin (1889m)
This is the coolest stage of the week. We walk through moors and alders. Life is not easy here, as the terrain is prone to avalanches in winter. There is plenty of water in the cascades from the Pourri and Sache glaciers... In fact, from the refuge we can go and admire them on a walk without a bag.

Walking time: 4 hours (without the walk)
Ascent : + 300 m / - 600m
Accommodation : in a refuge

D5 - Plan des pierres (2129 m) - Chalets de la Sache - Vallon de la Sache - Col de la Sachette (2713m) - Chalets de la Grassaz (2330m) - Col du Palet refuge (2560 m)
A very varied stage in the valley of the Sache, a nature reserve, not far from the Tignes dam. From the Col de la Sachette, in a mineral atmosphere off the trail, we will reach the Plan de la Gressaz: return to the isolated universe of the Pointe du Vallaisonnay (3003m).

Walking time: 6h30
Ascent: + 1000 m / - 525m
Accommodation: in a refuge

D6 - Col du Palet (2650m) - Tignes Val Claret (2100m) - Col de la Leisse (2761m) - Refuge de la Leisse (2487m)
Contrast with the isolated atmosphere of the last few days! As soon as we cross the Col du Palet, we descend to Tignes, the Espace Killy ski resort, where you can dive under the lake ice in winter or ski on the glacier in summer.
But after man's mark on nature comes nature's mark on man.
In the immense valley of the Leisse, under the huge South/South East face of the Grande Casse, the golden eagle and the bearded vulture soar!

Walking time: 6 hours
Ascent: + 750 m / - 950m
Accommodation : in a refuge

D7 - Croé Vie Bridge (2099 m) - Vanoise Pass Lakes - Vanoise Pass (2516 m) - Lac des vaches - Pralognan la Vanoise (1400 m)
After a night in this haven of peace, far from everything, we leave this valley "from elsewhere" to climb in the morning sun towards the Col de la Vanoise. Peaceful lakes and ephemeral cairns are followed by enormous moraines, pushed by the glacier of the Grand Couloirs, which leads to the summit of the Grande Casse. Bypassing the Aiguille de la Vanoise, which is so photogenic, we begin the descent to Pralognan, the end of our walking tour.

Walking time: 6h30
Ascent +: 450 m / - 1025 m

With a short taxi ride, we reach our cars in Champagny.

Important : The programmes have been drawn up according to the latest information available at the time of writing: imponderables are always possible and situations beyond our control may change the course of the programme. On site, our guides are the best judges, they may have to modify the itinerary depending on the weather or if the safety of the group requires it. The times given are walking times, given as an indication, without breaks.


For walkers in good physical condition, trained and experienced in day hiking in the mountains. From 3h to 7h of walking per day with a backpack of 6-8 kg on mountain trails (possible passage of névés at the beginning of the season).
For the difference in altitude, from 300 m to 1000 m of climb per day. It is therefore necessary to have stamina.
Temperatures can be cool if the weather is overcast.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about the level required.

Personal belongings for the day and lunch. Bag of about 8 kg. Ideally a maximum of 10% of your weight.

For this hike, you will be from 8 to 12 participants maximum.
A qualified mountain guide will lead you throughout your stay. You will evolve under his responsibility and he can modify the organisation according to the weather or technical constraints.
This trip will be supervised by Jean-Marc Thomet: 06 08 21 68 47 / You can contact him for any technical information.

You will sleep in guarded and heated refuges. In dormitories or small rooms for several people. They all have showers but the availability of water or the functioning of the installation can be uncertain.

Telephone networks, 4G, wifi, battery recharging: random in the mountains and in the huts. In case of emergency only, give the name of the refuges to your friends and family if you need to make a call.

Price: 869 € per person - Not subject to the "Early Booking" promotion.

Technical information on 06 08 21 68 47. Registration at the Auberge Nordique on 04 50 02 31 12 or at

Sunday 23 July in Champagny le haut at 11.30am. Saturday 29 July in Champagny at 5pm.

We cannot replace the civil responsibility of each person. To take part in our trips, it is compulsory to have civil liability insurance and to be covered for assistance, search and rescue, repatriation and mountain accidents.

Participants must carry their valid identity card and their social security card.

The price includes :
o Supervision by a professional.
o Half-board in a refuge (dormitory or mini-dormitory).
o Picnic meals for lunch.
o Paid showers.

The price does not include :
o Drinks, extra snacks and water.
o Your hiking equipment.
o Other personal expenses.
o Transport to the starting point of the hike.
o Cancellation and repatriation assistance insurance
o Accommodation the day before departure or at the end of the trek
o Possible taxi for the luggage on D4
o Everything that is not in "the price includes".

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o Recent hiking shoes with treaded soles
o 2 pairs of hiking socks
o 1 pair of shorts + 1 pair of hiking trousers
o 2 short-sleeved T-shirts and 1 long-sleeved T-shirt (advice: avoid cotton - choose a breathable, quick-drying synthetic material)
o 1 small intermediate layer such as a breathable under-sweater
o 1 fleece or soft shell or down jacket in a warm layer
o 1 waterproof windproof jacket with hood, Goretex type (avoid K-Way)
o Cap / sunglasses / sun cream
o Hat or headband / neckband
o Flip-flops or light sandals for the evening (advice: avoid trainers)
o Cross-country skiing gloves

o Folding knife / cup, airtight lunch box (otherwise the refuge will charge it)
o Comfortable backpack with waist belt and good carrying system (35L maximum)
o Water bottle or pipette (choose light water bottles or strong plastic bottles)
o Knife
o Some dried fruit (sweet/salty), cereal bars, etc.
o "Meat bag" type sheet (blankets are provided in the refuge)
o Mini toiletry kit: soap + shampoo sample + miniature towel (honeycomb type) + toothpaste + toothbrush + kleenex
o Transparent plastic bags for rubbish or to protect your belongings
o Electric lamp (1 for 2 people) + new battery or telephone lamp
o 2 light walking sticks
o Mini umbrella if necessary
o 1 rain cover for the backpack

o Earplugs ("boules quiess" type)
o Special dressings for blisters ("compeed" type) / various wound dressings / "elastoplast" bandages / disinfectant alcohol wipes
o Medication for pain and fever (aspirin or doliprane) / digestive problems ... to be checked with your doctor.


o Valid identity card
o Cash in euros for drinks and other extras
o INSURANCE: copy of personal insurance covering the hiking activity (NAME of insurer, policy number, procedure and call number in case of emergency)

Save room for the lunches that will be provided each day.

Access to telephone networks is uncertain in the mountains. A phone battery can last a week if you only turn it on occasionally.

o Minimum age: 18 years.
o Medical certificate of fitness for hiking to be submitted before departure.

The hike can be cancelled at least 15 days before the departure date if the number of participants is too low, an alternative solution will be proposed.

From 869 € /pers (room of 2)
Price infos
from 23 July 2023 to29 July 2023
869 € /pers (room of 2)
7 days, 6 nights